Montana Big Game Trophy Hunting Trips

Every champion takes home a trophy. Big game hunting in Montana elevates that trophy to the next level.With large populations of elk, deer, lion, bear, and antelope, you’re sure to have an amazing experience hunting your preference in Big Sky country.All year long, Ranches at Belt Creek gives you access to amazing game on private hunting land. Ranches at Belt Creek is not an outfitter.

Montana: A Leading Destination for Hunting Big and Small Game

Montana big game hunting tripsMontana has also long been recognized as a leading destination for upland bird hunting. Turkey, ring-neck pheasant, sharp-tail grouse, Hungarian partridge, sage grouse, ruffed grouse, blue grouse and chukar partridge are present and in good numbers.It’s common to shoot several species of birds the same day, and you will occasionally shoot more than one species from a single covey rise. Not only will you find large covey of birds, you’ll be hunting in absolutely stunning settings.Perfect your shot on our world-class sporting clays course or rifle/pistol range before you head out to bag your first bear, elk, or ten-point buck.The following are the seasons for the hunting available in Montana (Archery only dates start earlier). The concierge can point you in the right direction to get you hunting licenses and introduced to a Montana outfitter. Most deadlines are in the Spring of that hunting year.
Antelope: October 11 - November 9Bighorn Sheep: September 15 – November 30Bison: November 15 – February 15Black Bear
: - Spring April 15 – May 15
 - Fall September 15 – November 30
Coyotes: Open SeasonDeer and Elk: October 25 – November 30
Mourning Dove: September - OctoberMountain Goat: September 15 – November 30Mountain Grouse: September 1 – January 1
Mountain Lion: - Fall October 25 – November 30 - 
Winter December 1 – April 14
Partridge: October 11 – January 1Pheasant: October 11 – January 1Prairie Dogs: Open SeasonSage Grouse: September 1 – November 1Sharp-tailed Grouse: September 1 – January 1Turkey
: - Spring April 12 – May 18 - Fall September 1 – January 1

Waterfowl: September – January (Exact Dates TBD)Wolf: Fall – Spring (Exact Dates TBD)
Perfect your shot on our world-class sporting clays course or rifle/pistol range before you head out to bag your first bear, elk, or ten-point buck.


We offer a 7-station, walking sporting clays course with a variety of shooting scenarios to cater to a wide variety of ability levels, from beginners to seasoned competitive shooters.


Our all-season shooting range offers outdoor facilities for various rifle and pistol shooting situations. We also offer beginner programs on gun safety, responsibility, and comfort holding and firing a gun.


The 3-D course consists of four 3-D animals set at a variety of distances in a coulee. Whether you are a sporting enthusiast or a beginner, you will be challenged. Our courses stress safety first and education about archery shooting.
Elk | Mule Deer | Antelope | White Tail Deer | Lion | Bear | Pheasant | Turkey & Grouse

And You Can Bring the Family!

The best part about booking your Montana hunting trip through Ranches at Belt Creek is that your family can come with you! We have a wide variety of activities for both women and children, so everyone has a blast, and no one feels left out. To book a trip for just yourself, or a discovery weekend for the entire family give us a call or contact us through this website today!